REMIXED: In For The Kill feat. Kanye West

By now, you probably wouldn’t find a lot of people who haven’t heard of La Roux or at least her huge hit Bulletproof. So naturally, with La Roux’s explosion onto the US scene and widespread popularity stateside this year, a remix featuring Kanye West would follow.

Overall, not a bad remix- the rap manages to add recent pop trend of vampire and werewolves in the 80’s inspired song. I’m glad there was some actual remixing done to the original song rather than just adding the Kanye verse into the track. Having been around for about two years now , La Roux’s U.S popularity remains relatively new considering Bulletproof became one of this summer’s more popular songs. Personally having been to exposed to La Roux relatively earlier, I hope they don’t become too dull after entering the annals of pop music and heavy radio play in the US. News of their second album being completely self-produced (just like their first album) should quell those fears though.