VIDEO: Rob Roy – Carmencita

I know that I like Rob Roy, but I don’t know if I also hate him. In any event, he’s not your typical hip-hop artist and his style is at least interesting. While sometimes I’m not sure if he’s making fun of hip-hop, other times I’m pretty sure he’s just taking cues from Outkast, Eminem and Little Wayne. Maybe he’s just trying to bring a little levity to the game, maybe sometimes too much levity. In fact, sometimes he comes off as straight up wacky.

That said, his new video, “Carmencita,” off his new album “King Warrior Magician Lover,” reveals a finer side of Rob Roy and a natural talent for rhythm, soul and beats. Though I imagine it didn’t take the biggest of budgets to put the video together, it conveys the point, a unquenchable longing for the enchanting “Carmencita.”