NEW MUSIC: Sherell Rowe – Sex Toy

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When you think of DC R&B, the stereotypes are that it’s very boho and, let’s face it, stuck in the neo-soul past. And honestly, it’s been a minute since the DMV has produced a credible pop starlet.

Until Sherell Rowe.

I’ve been sitting on this track Sex Toy for almost a year now (not my fault) and somehow managed not to leak or post it until today. The song is a bonifide pop thriller, with stellar production by Darkplanet and an obviously sexy hook. Compared to weaker songs that have made it to the radio, this track is pure gold.

Sherrell just dropped her EP, and it’s hands down one of the best pop projects I’ve heard all year. It’s electro-pop, but since the production has it’s roots in Baltimore, it sound more authentic than a lot of the wannabe electro pop that has flooded the marketplace in recent years.

A very good look.