NEW MUSIC: Pogo – Wishery


When I saw Pogo’s flip of Alice In Wonderland, I said to myself, If Disney were smart, they would do a collabo with him to get their classic films more exposure to a young, hip, audience.

Unfortunately, Disney put a gag order on his mixes, and he was forced to take down a majority of them, including Alice. On the flipside, he was offered a one year contract to produce music for Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios, so not all was bad.

Thankfully, his one year gag order is up, and four days ago, the Snow White sampling track Wishery made its way onto YouTube, and has already garnered over a million views. While not as musically enchanting as Alice, it’s a more than worthy follow-up. Seriously, Disney should put out a remix album a la Blue Note Remixed. If the buzz around Pogo’s mixes are any indicator then you know it would sell.


[youtube qs1bG6BIYlo nolink]


[youtube pAwR6w2TgxY nolink]