NEW MUSIC: Margo – Walking In LA

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Margo – Walking In LA

MargoCold as Ice

MargoWalking in LA

“Nobody walks in LA.”

If you’re up on you new wave, then you know about the band Missing Persons. The all female outfit’s people watching, critical ode to their hometown “Walking In LA,” was a minor hit back in the day.

And that’s also the theme of fellow Angelino Margo’s remake of the 1983 track, which producers Jaakko and Nikko update with a 2010 electro vibe.

When I hear the word remake, I shudder, but to be honest, Margo kills it. Although the body of the song is flipped, the 80s rock anthem chorus in tact. She’s able to capture the vibe of the original while making her own style. Impressive.

Margo is that throwback to the sexy female era of the 80s, when it seems like every male singer had a sexy lady group they were, er, mentoring. Prince had Apollonia 6, Rick James had the Mary Jane Girls. And Margo takes that vibe and updates it for current decade, without unnatural pandering that some “retro” acts tend to do.

As a dude who loves to see Black Women doing their thing outside of the norm, I’m rooting for Margo, and you should too.

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  • KFK

    The Walking in LA song is sickk

  • jenny

    wow!!!!!! she is awesome!

  • clarity

    The missing persons were a band and they were not all female. They did however have a female lead.

  • @Stellaskid

    Cosign. Great cover! On my word I never knew Missing Person was an all-female act though. I never ever saw a picture or video of them so I always assumed it was just a female-fronted group. (Or is Clarity above correct?) BTW: I’m swagger-jacking this.

  • Miss Baker

    Loves Margo!! I’m gonna give her a ride if I see her on the street.

  • Hbomb

    Where can I get this song!?

  • car car

    OMG I LOVE THIS GIRL!!! Songs are HOT!!!

  • Victor

    Looks like the industry was too much for her.
    She’s seems to completely disappeared.
    So sad. :(

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