NEW MUSIC: He Say She Say – Without Me

He Say She Say – “Without Me” by marc-9

As many of y’all know by now, there is tons of music that hits the cutting room floor, sits on a shelf, and down right never gets released. Tracks intended for one artist gets past to another, and collaborations that looked good on paper get sifted by tight industry marketing budgets.

It still makes me mad when I hear songs that were never inteded to see the light of day. Take the He Say She Say, the combination of producer Million$ Mano and singer Drea. It would’ve been another dope male/female combination in a year of male/female combination. If the track “Without Me” is a guide, the duo were well on their way to success. I love the soul/indie vibe of the song, and I hope Drea will be working on other projects soon. (via Herfection, Superfun)