NEW MUSIC: Fat Trel feat Wale – Freak A Melody

Fat Trel feat WaleFreak A Melody

Now THIS is how you flip an indie rock beat.

As a lover of both indie rock and hip-hop, I get tired of rappers trying to rap over  Portishead cause it’s cool, or flip a MGMT beat to get hipister cred. Many times it just sounds contrived (check the new Lupe track over Modest Mouse). But whoever produced this Fat Trel track got it right. He (or she, but most likely he) was able to balance the uber-whitness of Freelannce Whales with Trel’s Southeast DC rhymes. And it works.

The question is…who produced this? Trel’s straight up ignorant rhymes are making him my new favorite rapper right now, and it’s a certified club banger. Check it. (via fellow COCer, Please Don’t Stare)

The Original Track by Freelance Whales

[youtube fug7Sxip1yE nolink]