NEW MUSIC: Chromeo Feat. La Roux – Hot Mess

by Yvette Travillian

2010 can definitely saw the re-birth of 80’s synth pop in full-blast. The sounds that had me dancing in my Mary Janes as a little girl have plummeted into my headphones this year. Two artists leading the pack were Chromeo and La Roux. So it was only natural that as the year is coming to a close (and bloggers are finishing up their ‘Best of 2010′ lists) these two would decided to sneak in one last collabo-gem to get us all  excited over.

“Hot Mess’ is the12″ B-Side to Chromeo’s latest single and this remix works largely due to Elly Jackson’s  delightfully upbeat pop vocals. There is this slight Janet Jackson, “Pleasure Principle” – like-thing she has going that makes her voice so charming and lovable. Couple it with Chromeo’s signature throwback funk- basslines  – and you have a nice song to beat out to. Check it.

  • Stone

    Dope! I love Elly Jackson’s voice, and I’m glad to see that she’s working with other producers.

  • ytravillian

    Yes, I am loving Elly’s vocals on this! She kills it. It is good to see her working with other producers. Her vocals are so versatile that she could pretty much work with any producer of any genre. It will be interesting to see what collabo’s will come out in 2011.

    • Stone

      Yeah, I really hope that she works with Kanye beyond that weak ass “remix” that they dropped last month. The sky is the limit with a voice like that.

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