Album Review: Weapons of Audio – Bipolar

“Bipolar” isn’t diverse enough of a word to describe Weapons of Audio’s new album. Psycho-schizophrenic may be more suitable. While there are certainly some good elements to the album, each little bit of electro-pop, 80s rock, funk, hip-hop, blues and shredding guitar riffs gets diluted in a casserole track list of mostly party-themed lyrics.

What is clear is that Weapons of Audio draws inspiration from Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Michael Jackson, Outkast and a slew of synth-pop electro beats. In fact, “If You Want Me,” while catchy, sounds vaguely familar. The Atlanta-based duo may be trying to blur lines, but the album is filled with portions of things I’ve heard before, and many parts of the whole are too conventional to make such a blending of genres a complete success. I’m not saying it can’t be done; it can, a testament to which Fishbone can validate. But with Weapons of Audio, I would prefer that the specialty in each of the sampled genres be more refined and distinct. I understand the desire of many musical artists to set themselves apart, but very few people can master a variety of trades, and not everything, including the kitchen sink, is always admissible in the name of eccentricity.

That said, Weapons of Audio does have the potential to define themselves within their finer-tuned talents. “Kill my Boss,” while an incredibly dark track, is an excellent concept that casts a wide net. So, while I don’t want to completely write-off the duo, I would just ask them to focus on perfecting what they do best and toss out the mediocre leftovers.