Album Review: Jazmine Sullivan – Love Me Back


I really hate to sound cocky like this, but if you’re from Philly (like I am) and you do music, you’ve got something special that NO ONE else has. I can’t put my finger what we’ve got, but it’s something special. How else do you explain the Lengendary Roots Crew, Jill Scott, Kindred, Bilal, Musiq, Res, Vivian Green, Jaguar Wright,  A Touch of Jazz Productions, and the recipient of this review Jazmine Sullivan.

I can remember one of my peoples asking me if I heard of this chick Jazmine Sullivan and I was like “naw”. No sooner then I said that, I see the video for “I Need You Bad” and I’m like “wow, shorty’s dope.” Then I hear “Bust Your Windows” and “Lions, Tigers and Bears” (both produced by my dude Salaam Remi) and now I’m officially riding with shorty. I told you, it’s something about us Philly folk. So next up, is Jazzy’s sophomore album “Love Me Back” and you can’t go wrong with her first single “Holding You Down (Going In Circles)” because anybody who samples my favorite break beat “Impeach the President” and Nas’ “Affirmative Action” gets the thumbs up from me, early. The 2nd single “10 Seconds” (Salaam Remi…there’s that name again) has Jaz giving her man 10 seconds to get up out her the crib and her life “cause you know she can get crazy and when she goes off ain’t nobody to tame her.” This new dude ain’t listen to her 1st album ’bout her bustin’ out windows? Guess not.

[youtube TwZl9WCHjnc]

“Redemption” tells the story about two people in similar situations, one a crack head and the other an abusive boyfriend and both are about to meet their maker and both call out to God to save them. “Good Enough” will make you wanna break out your “Purple Rain” DVD while “Don’t Make Me Wait” will have you diggin’ out your Last Dragon and Action Jackson DVD for your last Vanity sighting. “Excuse Me” and “Stuttering” are both just flat out beautiful and “U Get On My Nerves” with Ne Yo is self explanatory and will be the new “break up anthem” for 2011. At the end of the day, Jazzy’s “Love Me Back” just helps to prove my point about us Philly folk, there’s something special about the music we make.

4 outta 5