Album Review: Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 4


Joe Budden is a true enigma. We’re talking about a artist who hasn’t had an album on a  major label since his debut album 7 years ago on Def Jam, yet he holds the record for selling out SOB’s the fastest over acts like the Roots, B.o.B and Drake. We’re talking about an artist who has had no major money behind him for promotion but his site gets SO much traffic, that his girlfriend at the time Tahiry went from being a virtual nobody to gracing the cover of King Magazine. We’re talking about an artist whose Mood Muzik mixtape series has become so popular that the newest installment on deck Mood Muzik 4 was one of the most anticipated releases of 2010. We’re talking about an artist that can do something that 90% of cats in the industry can’t do…make good music.

Truth be told, I was never a Joe Budden fan. I thought money was wack. My man Esco would always try to tell me about Joe and I’d always be like “that wack dude with that Pump It Up Song?” Then one day me, Esco and my man Keon went to this show at Sonar in Baltimore in 2008. The spot was damn near empty while Big Shug and Termanolgy did their thing, and then when they announced Joe Buddens was coming to the stage I swear to you 200 people magically appeared outta nowhere! And during Joe’s set, he had the entire audience in the palm of his hand! Cats knew EVERY SINGLE WORD of EVERY SINGLE SONG! Now for people who know me, KNOW I’m a hip hop purist in every form of the word. I live, breath and bleed this culture and for me to be at a hip hop show and  feel left out felt like back in the day when you and your peoples would go to a house party in your hood and you’d be the only dude to not pull a girl!

His set was so crazy, after the show Esco and Keon’s voices were hoarse because they had been rapping with Joe the entire night! As soon as I got back to the crib at 3am I was on the net downloading any and everything on Joe Buddens, so I could be down too. And after really getting into Joe’s catalogue, I see exactly what Esco had been trying to school me on for a minute, which is this dude Joe Buddens is a PROBLEM!

Now, before I get into Mood Muzik 4 let me start by saying if you want some coke rap or a mc lying talking about a bunch of nuthin…this album ain’t for you. Now, with that being said, the review of MM4 is easy because the album’s incredible! There are so many great moments on Mood Muzik 4 that the best way to truly do it justice is to give a collage of the many quotable Joe offers you to digest.

“I tell em I’m just looking for some peace of mind, but they say I’m only working with a piece of mind.” (“Pray For Me”)

“Class is in session and look who’s come to tutor, they passing the fake off like the real like Brian Pumper’s jeweler.” (“Aftermath”)

“So through all my resistance, I’m afraid this 2 year old can already see the difference, he sees you don’t provide when you capable, why we don’t fix things while we’re still able to.” (“Role Reversal”)

“I don’t call ’em verses, they’re similar to poems, similar to scriptures, similar to pictures, you can stick to rap, what we’re doing is much bigger.” (“Come Along”)

“Mental distraught ever word from this sinister boss, is brought to you by the people, like your minister’s porsche.” (“Sober Up” w/Crooked I)

“I say it loud hoping someone can hear me clearly, trying to make my girl get it she didn’t know that it’s very scary, but she’s a nympho, she can be barely near me, she’ll still want the god in her, think she Mary Mary.” (“Black Cloud”)

Trust, MM4 doesn’t disappoint in any sense of the word whether you’re a diehard Joe Budden fan or a newcomer to his madness. It’s funny, cause now when I try to tell cats about Joe, I sound just like Esco did 3 years ago trying to tell me about him and they give me the exact same “that wack dude from that Pump it Up song?” line. But I know where they’re coming from so I can’t trip, but until you give Joe a chance you’re not only missing out on some great hip hop, but you’ll never understand why to me, he’s the best rapper alive.

4 outta 5