ALBUM REVIEW: Jed and Lucia – Superhuman Heart

In Jed and Lucia’s latest album, “Superhuman Hearts,” folk meets electronic, Belle and Sebastian meet Pink Floyd and a whimsical day meets an acid-trip. Combining acoustic, bass, synth and subdued vocals, Emma Lucia and Mark Reveley, generate a sound that remains consistently dreamy, at times dreary, at other times suspenseful and often hypnotic, but never disrupting.

The duo-couple out of Berkley, California said during the production of the album, Lucia was in the seventh month of her pregnancy.

“It’s definitely a surreal experience, I think I am a bit more spacey these days and calmer which has made recording a really enjoyable relaxed experience. Being pregnant for me kind of feels like being in a dream state all the time.” – Lucia

Just as the child affected the album, I wouldn’t be surprised if the album affects the disposition of the child. In fact the backdrop in the track “Superhuman Heart” sounds like what being in a womb might have sounded like, while the young mother sings “Snow will go, something new will grow.” Maybe it’s the maternal in me, but learning that Lucia was pregnant during the recording of the album changed my entire perception of it. In some ways, the album feels like a pre-birth lullaby for the child, and not just another something for hipsters to get high to, although it’s still useful for the later.

At the very least, it’s something to calm the mind after an exhausting work week. Some of the tracks don’t really catch my fervor, like “Lockdown,” but I don’t mind letting the track list run its course, if anything for its elevated notes and recurrent beats.