VIDEO: Magnetic Man featuring Katy B – Perfect Stranger, live at Maida Vale

Even though electronic music has gained a foothold in The States in the past few years, even crossing over to mainstream radio, it still is a pittance to it’s place in the UK. For instance, take Magnetic Man, the supergroup of Benga, Skream, and Artwork. Their first single “I Need Air,” hit the UK Charts in the top 10, and their follow-up, Perfect Stranger with buzzed newcomer Katy B is set to go number 1.

Although all three DJs made their name through dubstep, the album is strays from the sound that made them popular–and that’s a good thing. Take this rendition of Perfect Stranger at BBC Radio’s Maida Vale studios includes a exploration of sounds, from drum and bass to dubstep–and a string section.

As the electronic sound reaches critical mass in the UK once again (Magnetic Man recently toured with a $1.1 million dollar stage show) I wonder if this music will ever cross into The States? I doubt it, but I see all four of them working with the likes of Kanye soon. Check it.

[youtube QXY_Z1L6EUU nolink]