VIDEO: Full Crate and Mar – I'm Single (Lil' Wayne Cover)

Thank our homegirl Vickey for turning me on to Dutch producer/singer combo Full Crate and Mar. The laid back R&B crew have been slowly permeating the US Music scene, working with such acts as Eric Robeson on their last EP. However, to gain new fans, the duo is embarking on Mar Variations, covering various popular singles. The first track is Lil Wayne’s ridicously popular track, “I’m Single.”

[youtube f4QCwxrXGDE nolink]

Although I would’ve preferred the duo to flip a remix, I’m down with this 1 to 1 intepretation of the track. The song was fire before and the duo only improved on that.

If you’re curious, check out their Conversations With Her EP where you can find it. Also, check the video for She Was Fly below. Amazing. (via The Maroon Cafe)

[youtube -Q6F6yE0HWI nolink]