Review: Termanolgy and Statik Selektah – 1982


Boston’s has had some real good years during this past decade. The Celtics won a chip in 2008 and the Red Sox caught a chip in 2004. And the Pats have 3 chips from 2002, 2004 & 2005. Boston’s even got a movie out in theaters “The Town” based on it’s infamous neighborhood Charlestown. So, Boston has the sports game on lock and no disrespect to Ed OG, Big Shug or the late, GREAT Guru, but Boston’s never really been known as a hot bed for hip hop. But all of that’s about to change thanks to two of Lawrence’s native sons, Termanology and Statik Selektah.

Term first stepped on the scene with his first CD “Out the Gate” (which Statik put out on his Show Off Records) and then Term caught national buzz with his DJ Premier produced banger “Watch How It Goes Down” which was followed up by his debut album “Politics As Usual” on Nature Sounds. And Statik’s name has been ringing bells since his early days with his “Spell My Name Right” mixtapes and with his album “100 Proof: The Hangover” that dropped earlier this year. So it was only a matter of time before these two linked up and took it back to basics right?

[youtube 8yfWla_4Rgw nolink]

And with that being said we’re blessed with their first release together celebrating their birth year “1982”. The albums sets off lovely with “World Renown” with Term explaining how him and Statik got their steez from Pete & CL and Guru & Prim. “Things I Dream” with Lil Fame sounds so grimey, you’ll think you’re lost in a Brownville project hallway with Fame and his team hunting you down. “The Radio” is Term’s homage to the radio and what it’s meant to him and hip hop. Their first single “You Should Go Home” pairs Term up again with Houston’s own Bun B and is freaking ridiculous and “Life Is What You Make It” is my fav cut off the album withTerm, Siagon and Freeway straight blacking out over Statik’s crazy chop job. “Born in ’82” is Term’s ode to his birth year and ends the album with you mos def wanting more from the duo. Beat wise Statik comes correct as always and this release only helps to cement his place as one of my fav producers doing it right now.

Yeah, the Celts lost in game 7 of the finals last year to the Lakers and the Red Sox didn’t make the playoffs this year and who knows what’s gonna happen with the Pats since they traded Randy Moss. But one thing Boston can claim this year is that they’ve got one of the best hip hop albums that’s dropped in a minute.