New Music: MIA – BedroomToTheHallwayToTheRoadToTheWorld

A trippy 2 scene video on loop, a beat that has Diplo-influenced stylings, lyrics including Palestine, a more free world and a title that should be said in one breathe, the name may or may not even be the proper title for the song. And I’m sure if the lyrics didn’t include M.I.A chanting her name we could’ve guessed it would be her anyway.

Apparently, it is a new demo video/song from her posted on a new domain name URL. The beat’s not too bad, the sampling is a little random but I’m glad it’s not severely auto-tuned like some her recent stuff. It reminds me of what she did for her Space Odyssey video that was posted on the internet earlier this year, as a teaser to her new jams in 2010. Check it out here and let us know what you think.