LIVE: Delphic and The Temper Trap at Terminal 5 NYC

Photos by Jenni

The Temper Trap – Science of Fear

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Delphic – Halcyon


The Hundred in the Hands – Pigeons


If anything can be said by live music, I think it can all be told with the performances put on by Delphic, the Temper Trap and, opening performance, the Hundred in the Hands at Terminal 5.

Rushing to get there, which for me included a bus, walking about 10 blocks and then seceding into taking a cab for a quick ride to the venue making sure not miss the start of the show, I was at first surprised there wasn’t more people who didn’t want to miss Delphic. However, I realized I forgot about the Hundred in the Hands as the first act, opening for the night. A wave of guitar, synthesizer, keyboard, psychedelic post-punk fused sound, the duo that is the Hundred in the Hands was ended up being a very appropriate introduction to Delphic.

Hailing from the  greater Manchester area in England, Delphic released their debut album, Acolyte, earlier this year. Hearing them for the first time around January, I definitely started feeling the mix of dance-guitar-drums-dream like songs Delphic offered. Acolyte quickly became a record stuck on repeat on my iTunes. Getting up on stage that night, Delphic brought on the neon lights in everyone’s heads literally and figuratively with  the perfect merge of the danceable and the esoteric.

After Delphic, I took a glance at the crowd behind me and there was significantly more people. Terminal 5 was full as the Temper Trap took the focus of the spotlight.

Most people cite Sweet Disposition is “that one song” from the Temper Trap that’s been heard. Being their most well-known single, the Temper Trap brings in a whole other dimension live. I was introduced to the Temper Trap’s music also earlier this year by a few friends, and catching their performance at 9:30 Club in DC cemented my belief in this band’s talent. The Temper Trap has grown a lot this year in both popularity and performance (though they were already good to begin with). The crowd just added to the flow of the band. The Temper Trap’s repertoire of songs are diverse, especially with the vocals of lead singer Dougy Mandagi the band on stage is able to transform the entire mood of the show from drum and guitar driven energy to slow and reflective- then back again. Given more time, these guys are bound for greatness. The show ended with a return to stage, a new song, and a stage dive by Dougy all upon a flood of white lights fading out.