LIVE: A3C Festival, Atlanta, Part 2 (Day 3)

All glorious photos by Joann Gomez, Music Looks Like This Photography (@MLLTPhotos). PLEASE Support.

Bear with us as we start in reverse order.

The third day of the event was without a doubt the most action packed, with everyone from up and comers Gods’Illa to household names such as Killer Mike and Kidz In The Hall

The afternoon was packed with several different events, but was thankfully more low key, if not sparsely attended. Among all of the events during the day however, one band stood out, and they weren’t even hip-hop.

What’s this? Rock at a hip-hop festival? It can’t be. But yes, Atlanta’s aptly titled Grand Prize Winners From Last Year left their hometown festival as one of the more buzzed about acts. Think of everything you know about Atlanta music–from Outkast, to Cee Lo, to Janelle Monae–and combine that with an unabashed punk rock attitude and you have The Grand Prize Winners.

I returned to the festival later that night and caught up with Joann at the Jagermeister stage a few moments after Stalley and Donnis rocked the stage. Both are considered heavyweights in the new underground hip-hop community and both delivered. I did make it in time to see Kidz In The Hall and Killer Mike, who unfortunately had their outdoor sets cut due to noise restrictions.


Even with the short sets, both acts dominated. Kidz might be considered “preppy” rap to some, but Naledge is a beast on the mic, and multi-instrumentalist Double-O does not get enough credit for using live percussion in his sets. Unfortunately, however, their tempers flared when the found that their set would be cut, and their un-professionalism with the situation got the best of them. They did manage to fit in a verse of “Drivin’ Down The Block” before the audio was cut out however.

Killer Mike (aka Mike Bigga), however, handled the situation with more overstated comedy. Let’s get this straight, Mike is one of the most underrated rappers in the game. His Grind Time mixtapes are classics, and tracks like “That’s Life,” and “The Juggernaut,” get mad plays on my ipod. So what did he do when he found out that his set was cut? He handled it only like any Crunk ATLien would.

“We Goin’ go to a BAAAAAAAR. And Fuck shit up!!”

Fortunately he was able to get Immortal Technique out for a freestyle before those choice lines were uttered, and both artists performed on Fadia Kader’s Perfect Attendance stage to make up for lost time.

After that point it was off to the Red Bull stage to check out buzzed Atlanta rapper Aleon Craft. As someone who has been hailed as “next” in terms of Atlanta hip-hop artists, Craft excelled.

Another artist who impressed is none other than New York’s Homeboy Sandman. Sandman has been buzzed about for a while now, but he came into his own in front of the mainstage crowd at A3C. Hands down, the MC had the most impressive show of the festival.

By this point in the night my hangover from the night before (thanks to @HelloBosco @WhoMadeYouGreat and @AleSharpton for this), I retired, but not after enjoying one of the best festivals of the year.

Who said hip-hop is dead? The A3C Festival shows that it’s alive and poppin’….and a little crunk too.