IN THE MIX: Cam Jus – 007's

Cam jus – 007s by Cam Jus

Cam Jus is a DJ and producer from DC who likes drinking Orange Juice, Vodka and 7-Up every day. He also has his debut EP, The Rookie Card dropping soon. Introspective and thoughtful, he cites Mos Def as a creative inspiration. Dude is also a beast.
Let’s be real here for a second. DJ Cam Jus will be the next rising top underground DJ and producer from Washington, DC. He’s made notable leaps and jumps in 2010 as instead of going out to music and hopping on trends and getting active as a remixer, music came to him. As we’ve said here before, Cam Jus was all about what moombahton has become before moombahton even existed. Cam as a live DJ has also been all about celebrating the hood underbelly of hip hop long before everybody else rediscovered it and started screaming about being Big Meech, Larry Hoover, MC Hammer and “going hard in the paint.”? Cam’s a musical outlier. He likes what he likes, because he likes it. He doesn’t hop on trends because everyone else is, or because he thinks it will make him cool. Let’s extend it and say that also, Cam’s not cool. He’s hip, and he definitely knows what’s up, but he’s not cool. Never has been, probably never will be. But he’s eminently talented and far better than anybody realizes.

DC’s all about getting on in the urban underground because of the cliquish nature of hipster DJs. The inter-connectivity of DJs influenced by the Hollerboard and partying in the same groupings for years still hasn’t broken. As well, DJs who can promote their OWN parties get on a lot quicker than those who don’t, as having the ability to promote yourself in a 1-to-1 way with a fellow DJ is a LOT easier than being reliant upon an intermediary manager or outside promoter.

Cam’s gonna break that trend. The first of many in a generation of young underground DJs from explicitly outside of the initial community, his skills and talents with moombahton have been noted as excellent and devloping by the likes of Dave Nada, Munchi, David Heartbreak and DJ Sabo, and as a live DJ, his game has picked up locally, as he’s spun the Rock Creek Social Club’s party at Recess, Lamine Ndour’s The Talented event with Kokayi and the Diamond District amongst his regular gigs as well. Developing a style as well that’s heavy on soul, R & B, club, international bass heavy melodies and the ever present urban trending hip hop sounds. His productions have improved immensely, and he’s presently in school getting educated further on production to make his chops legitimate and untouchable.

His “007” mix includes amongst many melodic goodies, moombahton (check his latest, “The Booty,” a sex charged dance floor romp), the trending dub of Katy B’s “On a Mission,” Munchi’s incredible kuduro remix of DC homie Steve Starks’ “Get Em,” as well as yes, the winter champion of hip hop stoner crunk, Waka, Roscoe and Wale’s stip club anthem “No Hands.”