CMJ Artist Profile – Jean Grae


“Back up in the booth and my V in for vendetta, f-ck the last line, to tell you the truth, I got 10 better.” – Jean Grae

Jean Grae is a woman after my own heart. An ill MC? Check. A chick who produces and considers herself an “ASR and EPS-16+ kinda girl”? Check. A chick who can “bang with the big boys” and hold her own (see Ski Beatz’s “Prowler”)? Check. A chick who’s 9 times outta 10 on your current top 5 mc’s list…not top 5 female mc list but an ALL mc top 5 list? Check.  So in other words, I mess with Ms. Grae.

[youtube X9gE4ybCp_c nolink]

You can’t have the track record that Ms. Grae has and not rock with her. From Natural Resources to working with 9th Wonder for the “Jeanius” album to now running with Talib Kweli under the Blacksmith banner, Ms. Grae has proven she’s ALL hip hop and then some. If you’re in NYC next week checking out the CMJ Music Festival check her out next Tuesday October 19th during the Blacksmith vs. Duck Down at (le) poisson rouge.