CMJ Artist Profile: Vonnegutt

It was a long time ago that the likes of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park soured rap-rock as a genre in my eyes. But, over a decade later, the Marietta, Georgia-based Vonnegutt are trying their hand at a successful rap-rock combination. Founded by emcee Kyle Lucas and guitarist Neil Gerrard, Vonnegutt grew to a be a four-piece with the addition of drummer Taylor White and bassist Patrick Postlewait. And, yes, their name is an homage to legendary American novelist Kurt Vonnegut.

Together, the foursome make what they describe as a blend of hip hop and rock, with pop sensibilities. And that hybrid of sounds is surely what attracted the attention of Big Boi, on whose Purple Ribbon Vonnegutt recently re-released their EP The Appetizer. A full-length album, Falling Up The Stairs, is slated for a release early next year on Purple Ribbon/Favorite Gentleman.

[youtube 7fp73J6VjII nolink]

You probably heard their first single “Bright Eyes” blaring from a car speaker this summer, and it’s no wonder why. Like the rest of their four-song EP, “Bright Eyes” is an infectious, airwave-friendly song that sounds like it was written just for your little sister and her posse of pre-teen friends. Vonnegutt’s music definitely has a place, and while that place might not be my iPod, it’s easy to see exactly what the band’s growing fanbase (and Big Boi) loves about them.

[youtube UIGelzg0_yc nolink]

Check out Vonnegutt’s official CMJ showcase at Sullivan Hall next Friday, October 22 to decide for yourself.  They’re also playing S.O.B.’s on October 21.