AUDIO: Coleman "Sounds of Al-Mashriq: The Land Where the Sun Rises"

The homies at Mochilla stay killing it on the culture front, and their latest mix from the Middle East, Sounds of Al-Mashriq: The Land Where the Sun Rises, continues that trend. Working with Jay Electronica, TJ the King, Mochilla’s Coleman has crafted a very unique mix of hip-hop and traditional Arabic sounds for your Monday Morning. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but for those who are willing to take the journey, it’s worth it.

Mochilla has brought you some beautiful mixes over the past twelve months: Hear the World, Addis to Axum, and the Verocai retrospective, Arranjos e Compisicoes. We value the idea of new old music, treasures that most likely haven’t found their way to your ears yet, and today’s mix is no different.

This past summer, Coleman and myself, along with Jay Electronica and his DJ, TJ the King, Ommar Offendum, and Will Quantic had the chance to go to the Middle East and play. We even made it to Egypt and linked with Kutmah there, but that’s a whole other story… This mix represents some of what we learnt. It’s a group effort, but Coleman made the whole thing seem magically coherent…

The Sounds of VTech / Coleman: Sounds of Al-Mashriq (Middle East Mix)