Album Review: Nottz – You Need This Music


Have you ever go out on a blind date with a shorty that you been kicking it with on the phone (I guess the net now…remember I’m old) and the convos ya’ll been having have been real dope? Ya’ll got a lot in common, she messes with Dilla, knows what a 2-3 zone defense is and her fav Nas song is “Memory Lane”. But will she be this cool in person? Is that really her in the flicks she emailed you? (for the new millennium blind daters) Ya’ll set the date, and the expectations are building. That’s how I feel about this new Nottz album “You Need This Music”.  I’ve been a Nottz fan for YEARS and anticipating this album for a minute! Back to his Flipmode days with Busta, and all this burners he’s laced cats with over the past 12 years (did ya’ll catch that? 12 years!) from Snoop to MOP to Kanye to working with the good Doctor on Detox. But money’s never held down a whole album on the production tip which I felt was always his Achilles heel. Then earlier this year he dropped “Classic” with Rah Digga and if ya’ll are Couch Session regular then you know how I felt about that album. (4.5 outta 5) But how would money’s own solo album be? And I can’t front, I’m not really a big fan of “producer albums” with a bunch of rappers thrown together and producers rappin’ so there was a lot of skepticism going into listening to this album.

But the way the album sets off with “The Intro” with Travis Barker, sets the whole tone of what’s to come which is nuthin but head nodding burners! Nottz takes all the elements of what’s made him “every producer’s favorite producer”, (the drums, the basslines, the samples) and multiplies them all by 100 for this album. “Fair Warning” is just nuts and lets you know “you’re about to witness hip hop in its rawest form”. “You Need This Music” samples a Willie Hutch gem that I’ve been trying to figure out how I was gonna freak, but after Nottz killed it…I think it’s time for me to move on. “I Do it For Ya’ll” is a ill jawn about fans writing letters to Nottz telling them how much they appreciate his music, one coming from Toronto with Kardinal Offishall and one from NC with Little Brother. “A Dream Come True” is Nottz zonin’ out and dreaming about all the great musicians who have passed away. “I had a dream chillin with J Dilla, eating lunch at the Scott LaRock cafe with Pac, Big and Pun, DJ AM on the 1’s, Roc Raider on the 2’s, Pimp C just walked in with DJ Screw.” Dope dream, right?

“Don’t You Wanna Be My Neighbor” with Asher Roth and Colin Monroe and “No Money Down” are just SICK. “Never Caught Slippin” with Snoop and Royce is a dosage of what hip hop’s been missing and I haven’t heard Snoop on a track this hard since “Doggystyle”. And the album ends with “Right Here” with soul music’s favorite son, Bilal and gives Nottz a chance to have a honest heart to heart with God about his family and the game.

At the end of the day “You Need This Music” is like finding out shorty was even cooler, cuter, etc in person then she was over the net. Not only is “Memory Lane” her fav Nas song but “Rappaz Are in Danja” is her favorite Primo beat and she bets you $20 that the NCAA will clear Josh Shelby to play next year for Kansas. You better wife her while you got a chance.