Album review: Jamiroquai- Rock Dust Light Star

Photo courtesy of and Mercury UK Records

English space funk masters Jamiroquai are back with an appropriately titled new album “Rock Dust Light Star,” and the formula that has worked for the group for many years continues to deliver on this one.

The highlight of the new album is the uber-catchy “White Knuckle Ride,” which is exactly as billed. The frenetically paced track perfectly encapsulates the Jamiroquai sound with it’s disco-funk beat. I immediately thought of one of their most popular songs “Canned Heat” when I heard it and I think this track will stand the test of time as one of their better songs. “She’s a Fast Persuader” also fits the description as a “classic” Jamiroquai track. It also has an upbeat tempo with some interesting changes throughout as well as Jay Kay’s quick delivered lyrics. An awesome improv sax part is intermingled with Matt Johnson‘s spacey synth, funk guitar, and a plucky bass line to make this sassy track a winner.

A lot of the tracks feature strings and a horn ensemble to help with the 70’s disco funk sound they are so well known for and “Blue Skies”  is one of these tracks.  It has a soft flowing intro and uses strings and nice choral background.  It’s quite a smooth mid-tempo pop jam ballad with Jay Kay’s sharp as ever soulful vocals, while  the showtune styled “Lifeline” is a bit of a departure from their normal formula but it is quite a fun track that shows how wonderfully talented the group is.  If you are a fan of Jamiroquai’s sound, this one is definitely worth checking out.

“Rock Dust Light Star” is due out November 1st in the UK. You won’t have to wait long, but while you wait check out the video for “Blue Skies” below.

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