ALBUM PREVIEW: Matthew Hemerlein – Hot Nickels

Gyllenhaal Sandwich



A few of you guys have asked about DC’s Matthew Hemerlein since the last time we posted about him, and I’m glad to say that he is on the verge of releasing his full length album, Hot Nickels, this year. You might remember his name from his contribution to the Major Lazer/La Roux project (with fellow DCer Nacey) earlier this year, and the 27 year old (happy birthday fam!) multi-instrumentalist has evolved, even hosting his own consistently sold out varitey show every month with BYT.

Known for his covers (check his Ginuwine cover we posted a few months ago), Hot Nickels finds Hemerlein bringing his unique sound to original material, and it sounds unlike anything I’ve heard this year. My favorite song with the Gyllenhaal Sandwich, combining the dude’s skills on the strings with some very subtle dubstep vibes. Hands down one of my favorite tracks of the year. Check it.