VIDEO: Make No!se! with DJ 2 Tone Jones


“Make No!se” is a new internet lifestyle series that focuses on artists, musicians and DJ’s from the DC area. And up to bat for the first edition they highlight DJ Two Tone Jones.

The “Make No!se” video follows DJ Two Tone Jones through a quick day in his life; explaining how he’s been djing for 9 years. He explains that he got into djing from going to parties and questioning what the dj was playing, feeling that he could do better. He goes on to explain that he approaches djing as an artform, how important it is for a dj to be able to read the crowd and to able to adapt to what they wanna hear. Two Tone even explains the importance of a dj having some comfortable kicks if not for just being on the go but for being on your feet all night keeping the crowd moving.

To top things off, DJ Two Tone blesses us with an ill mix CD with everything from Little Brother to Aaliyah and Slum, Tribe, Lloyd, Pete and CL, Lloyd, Erick Sermon, Jay Z and Common in between. Mos def a nice ill summertime CD to throw on for a bbq, having some shorties over a or just throwing it in the whip while you in route somewhere. Be sure to look out for the next ep of “Make No!se” as well as DJ Two Tone Jones.

[youtube SRIZbM11rf8 nolink]