VIDEO: Born I – Conga Drum

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Props to the homie Born I for releasing the video to the track Conga Drum. The track itself is probably one of the most unique I’ve heard so far this year and the dude is on the come up in the DMV area for sure. Check it.

YouTube Preview Image

Making Of…Video

YouTube Preview Image
  • jus sayin

    The audio and video are not in sync, very distracting. tho not much to distract from, conceptually there is really nothing there. plenty of creative video producers out there doing it for cheap, too bad Born didn’t get one.

  • skiiz


  • the dood

    the track is dope. mad original for a radio single compared the the really bland and uninspiring commercial market. heard some recent mixtape stuff from born i too where he really goes in hard. he has serious skills and is very versatile. i think this single will catch on in due time. kinda reminds me of the first time i heard “shake dat ass.”

  • shoegame

    Personally I think the shit is hot. I mean, its a dance track. Not supposed to have a big concept in the video. It is what it is. Reminds me of Snoop’s “Drop it like its Hot”. Anyway props to the dude Born. I think this’ll do major damage when it hits radio

  • dampness

    Seems clowny. And no, it isn’t synced. He can be really good but this doesn’t show that.

  • clubgurrrl

    I don’t think this track is made for guys lol. But as a girl, I can def say I would be dancing my ass off to this in the club! Lol. Vid is cool too. Simple but good.

  • TK

    The track is dope but the video looks like it was shot in 1989.

  • the dood

    looks to me like syncing might be a youtube issue… they obv made a pretty big effort putting the thing together… pretty sure the syncing must be a mistake… tracks dope. nuff said.

  • DeeJae

    I would spin this all day. Yeah dude shoulda used vimeo. This is what happens wen you try to upload HD shit to youtube somtimes. Other than that track’s a winner and vid is hot. Couchsessions should just repost once they get the syncing straight. Good job in my opinion

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