Single review: Thunderball- 12 Mile High

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Thunderball– 12 Mile High

FADE IN- A small, private jet floats above the brilliant city lights of Dubai, approaching for landing.  Our hero, the ultra secret agent is ready to begin his mission to find stolen jewels, bring the thieves to justice, all while doing so with a smooth, debonair style.

The new single “12 Mile High” by Thunderball, like most of their music, invokes the previous cinematic imagery perfectly.  It also would be a nice fit with a remake of the James Bond classic “Moonraker” as a result of the voice samples from what seems to be some sort of space mission. Thunderball is the brainchild of Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona with Rob Myers being added into the mix later on and are out of the same Washington, DC as The Couch Sessions!  Their previous efforts “Ambassadors of Style,” “Scorpio Rising,” and “Cinescope” all encompass the cinematic dub/electro-lounge style they have perfected by now and this track is a culmination of all of their previous works so far.

A groovy, bass-driven disco beat starts off the track with the aforementioned space mission voice samples (hence the title of the song).  A sitar part provides the middle eastern feel of the track and the electronic keys part together provide an excellent melody that accompanies the steady groove perfectly. Sometimes sitar parts can be a bit overwhelming when added to music but in this case it fits quite nicely.  Also fitting in nicely is some funky guitar and a few quick hitting horn parts that seems to work well to pull off the retro 70’s disco feel to the track.

The track ends with the sound of a rocket taking off, but that could be substituted for the private jet picking up our hero after another case solved.  Thunderball’s new album drops November 9th on Thievery Corporation’s ESL Music (ESL being an acronym for “Eighteenth Street Lounge”) label.  If this preview track is any indication of the quality of the rest of the album, you are going to be in for a huge treat!