Sebago Nexus Project x Street Etiquette

In the visual world of everyday urban living, there are few things more spectacular than a well-dressed man, and by well-dressed, I don’t mean thousand-dollar designer suit. It doesn’t take a big budget to look good, just a bit of grace, a sense of composition and good coordination. Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs over at Street Etiquette are those well-dressed men. And, while it’s one thing for a couple of 20-something New York bloggers to have great fashion sense, it’s another to garner an international following. It was only a matter of time before Etiquette’s world of fashion blogging would meet Sebago‘s world of fashion design.

The shoe company teamed up with footwear designer Ronnie Fieg to select five bloggers to design 10 individual takes on Docksides, Lighthouse boots and other Italian classics. For the men’s fashion blog,  it was a coveted opportunity for any dreamer with a webpage and a camera, and they didn’t fail to make do. The “Nexus Project” required Team Etiquette and the others to totally immerse themselves into footwear design, technique and material at the Sebago facility in the Dominican Republic, and below is just a sample of the end product.

If you thought creating your very own shoes would be an easy task you are highly mistaken; it’s a composite procedure, from materials such as various leathers, nubucks,  lace stitches, soles and eyelets, all at your disposal to indulge in.  We bombarded the Sebago factory looking to express our stylistic tastes in these shoes, and even though it was challenging, I’m floored by the finish product at hand.

It’s also a bit of well-planned marketing that as a style shift into the sharper, preppier look takes shape, the Nexus Project reaches its end. It’s also a taste of what may be to come as more bloggers and their styles find prominence in the fashion design community.

The Street Etiquette x Sebago Tassel Moccasin Shoe retails for $110, and the Lighthouse boot retails for $140. Both are expected to be released this month, but will be limited in quantity and availability. Keep an eye on Street Etiquette for details.

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