Relax, Relate, Release: Spa World

Every once and a while it is nice to treat yourself. Or so I though. That is how I looked at the Spa for many years. but you live and you learn. You hear about so many different therapies that go in one ear and out the other. For years we have been using hydrotherapy at the recommendation of friend, family, doctors.

“Take a hot bath, you’ll feel better.”

Hydrotherapy or Hydrothermal Therapy is the use of water to treat disease. Using hot baths, saunas, wraps and more you can sooth and heal your body. Spa World contains both men and women’s saunas, a Bade Pool with different water jets and about seven Poultice rooms. Each “station” within the Bade pool serves to apply pressure to targeted areas and relax your muscles, get your blood circulating, stimulate the immune and digestive systems all while relieving stress.
I know you thought I skipped over the Poultice room.  It is essentially a hot room (sauna) with different elements to focus on different health issues and draw out toxins from the body.

There is an Amethyst room which has amethyst , rose quartz and other semi precious stones. There is a Charcoal room as well as an Ice room to tighten pores and seal in all of the goodness that the poultice rooms create to heal your body. It is actually quite beneficial for a healthy life style. I know the word spa just sounds expensive, but what most consider a way of life or simply a natural occurrence the western world looks at as luxury.  Spa World is basically a bath house (but not that type of bath house). From China to Turkey, people have used these communal spaces to rejuvenate and relax.  About 25 minutes away from the District in Centreville, Va sits an oasis. Not only are the Poultice rooms gorgeous and the saunas HOT they relax you which in turn means they are doing their job. With all of the toxins that city life… rather life in the time of global warming, Spa World is a space to go to re-balance that which has been thrown out of whack.
Keep in mind this does not work for everyone we are all unique beings. Neither myself or any of the writers of The Couch Sessions possess any papers that give us the right to diagnose any ailments. None of us have taken the Hypocratic Oath.  Please check with your physician to make sure this type of therapy fits your life style.