ALBUM REVIEW: Rah Digga’s Classic


A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were watching BET’s “My Mic Sounds Nice” documentary about female mc’s and my wife asked me asked me what happened to Rah Digga. I was like “I don’t know, but I heard she’s got a new jawn coming out”. My wife asked me how did I think it would be and I was like “I can’t call it, but I wasn’t feeling her last jawn Party and Bullsh-t she dropped”.

When it comes to hip hop I rarely get excited over anything until I hear it and when I heard Digga’s line “but is she still spittin? Last joint was kinda clubby, if Nottz did the whole damn thing, then she must be.” My bad…what happened?!?! Nottz is doing the whole album!?!?! Aiight, now you’ve got my attention. Nottz is the true defintion of a underated producer. Even though his career streches back to the mid 90’s when he was lacing Busta Rhymes and Flipmode with jawns, you rarely hear his name mentioned amongst the producers from the 90’s who are still holding it down. Plus he owns the rights to one of my fav beats ever with Flipmode’s “Whatcha Come Around Here For” where he KILLED that sample from the Oliver soundtrack. But to me Nottz’ achilles heel has always been he’s dope for a jawn here and there but can he hold down an entire album? And the answer to that question will be found with one listen to Rah Digga’s newest release “Classic”.

[youtube ab41AoPpX6o nolink]

I can’t even remember the last time I listened to a hip hop CD produced by only one producer and with no guest appearences. Stuff like that doesn’t exist anymore right? That’s like finding a pay phone in downtown Philly or someone looking something up in an encyclopedia. You mean an album when a MC has to spit 48 bars per song? Not just 16 bars and then 2 guests hop on but it’s labeled “your song”. Then multiply those 48 verses by 10 songs…that’s 480 bars!?!? And a female mc is gonna do this? Now I’m not sexist at all but a female mc is gonna do something her male counterpart can’t and/or won’t do? Word!?!?! And man oh man, does Rah Digga go in on this album. There are SO many dope quotables throughout this album I stopped counting after track 6. “Straight spittin I don’t need no other plan, f-ck around and have my daughter smack doritos out your hand” and “All these chicks geeks, in less then 6 weeks, I shut ’em all down like Taylor Swift’s speech” are just two examples of Digga’s pen game. If this was ’96 the Source could just give the next 12 hip hop quotables to Rah Digga without hesitation. I could talk about each song and tell you what makes each one dope but why bother? The whole album is dope for the same reason…it’s just good ole fashion, feel good hip hop. Straight no chaser. Just dope rhymes and dope beats (“it’s boom bap motherf-ckers I ain’t off that”) And I don’t know about you but that’s what I feel is missing right now in hip hop.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Rah Digga’s “Classic”. (“They be saying Rah Digga got that boom bap mastered, two thumbs up they even calling it a classic”) I think only time will tell if this is truly a hip hop classic but I’ll say this. When I drop my daughter off at school everyday for the past two weeks, we go into her classroom rhyming Rah Digga’s song “who’s gonna check me boo, not you” back and fourth. In a minute I’ll have her whole class spittin’ Rah Digga’s rhymes! On the lead single “This Ain’t No Lil Kid Rap” Rah Digga says “some even call me the boom bap savior” and truth be told…she is.