New Music: Luck One – More


More by Luck-One

Cats rhyme in Portland? Word? I thought the only thing in Portland was records, the Trailblazers and the Nike headquarters. Well, I was wrong cause there’s at least one MC outta Portland, his name is Luck One and money is nice.

“If I never sell a record in life, does that make me less talented” is the opening line from Luck One’s first single “More” and sets the tone for what you’re about to hear. Over a nice mellow laid back track Luck goes in touching on so many topics in 4 minutes and 45 seconds it leaves you wanting to hear more from this cat. Lucky for us Luck One’s EP “True Theory Outtakes” drops October 4th for us to see what else Portland’s finest has to offer. But if  “More” is an example of what’s come come from Luck One, Portland may have something else to add to it’s resume…hip hop