LIVE: Jamie Lidell and Twin Shadow @ 9:30 Club

Photos by Monica Watson (@yesyoushould)

Before I get into the specifics of the show, I have to commend 9:30 Club for selling some of the most delicious chocolate cupcakes this side of the Eastern seaboard!!!  It would behoove you to get yourself there early enough, because they sell out pretty quickly.

Now on to the business of the business:  The show opened with Brooklyn-based Twin Shadow, who delivered some good old fashioned guitar funk laced with emo lyricism.  I don’t know what the hell they were saying, but the groove was sincerely felt.  The lead singer  kinda looked like (and played guitar like) a young Prince, but not as flamboyant.  They seemed to be conveying their own  definition of “hair band.”  The left side of the lead singer’s head was shaved.  The right side was a cascading bang full of body and bounce.  The keyboardist had a fluffy asymmetrical cut that made her look really sexy, and the drummer’s ponytail seemed to have a mind of its own as it wildly flailed about.  They exuded a quiet confidence throughout their entire performance.  As soon as the first few notes were played, show goers quickly moved to the front of the stage because they knew they were listening to a band that was fully aware of how good it was.

Jamie Lidell took to the stage showing off his eclectic British style with a cream and black-striped cowl-necked parachute hoodie, fitted black trousers, and cream oxfords with the laces removed.  He opened his set with a soulful, percussion-heavy rendition of his latest album’s title track, “Compass,” which showcased his wonderful vocals and got the crowd groovin’.  Although he opted not to perform his most recognizable hit “A Little Bit More,” he more than made up for it with a variety of songs from his “Multiply,” “Jim,” and “Compass” albums.  He romped and stomped through the upbeat numbers, while testifying  and catching the holy ghost on the slow burners (yes folks, Jamie took us to church on several occasions).

Not one time did Jamie take a break.  Looking like a musical case study for ADHD, he multitasked like nobody’s business.  Between singing, dancing (or convulsing, as some might see it), making the crowd sing his adlibs, and kicking out spontaneous jams from his synthesizer and drum machine, he made it all flow so effortlessly.  Seeing Jamie live made me want to go back and listen to all his albums.  Listening to his albums always makes me want to see Jamie live.  May the cycle continue.