ALERT: Future of Music Policy Summit Coming in October

This fall marks the return of the Future of Music Policy Summit which takes place at Georgetown University in DC for it’s 10th iteration, October 3rd-5th. In it’s 10 year, the FMC Summit brings together musicians, industry insiders, and policy makers to discuss music policy in the new Internet era.

Let’s face it, the Internet has changed music at a startling pace. We’re able to download songs from any artist in the world. We can access full albums streams from our mobile devices. And the cost of recording music, shooting video, and even booking gigs has steadily decreased with the ease of technology.

But where does the artist fit into all of this? In this era where big labels are cutting marketing and promotion budgets, how can the independent artist survive?

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These questions among other things will be be discussed in October, featuring panel discussions with such minds as Tim Westergren of Pandora and Tom Silverman of Tommy Boy Records. The discussions will range on everything from licensing tracks and breaking into the business to how the health care bill on Capitol Hill will affect the hip-hop artist on main street.

This is an unprecedented event in the DC area, and to encourage local artist participation, they are offering $20 scholarships for local musicians to attend the conference. More information about this can be found at the Future of Music site.

For more information about the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit, visit their website.

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