VIDEO: Kanye West – Power

by Winston "Stone" Ford

So on first thoughts, this is interesting. I’m loving the imagery and what Ye is trying to do with this piece. And they’re right, it’s not a video, it’s art. Good look.

  • gravity508

    I will say that Miss Ye (thats my nickname for him) truly a madman aka genius of our time –this video is a great departure from most of the videos that are out now, it’s truly a work of art –yes, a moving portrait. Good Ass Job, Miss Ye…Good Ass Job!

  • Olga

    Is that just a preview of a longer video? I watched the documentary about the video and it looked like there was more footage and none of it was there!!! I would expect the video to be longer! It only just started getting good and then it was over!!!! GIVE ME MORE KANYE!!!

  • daniel

    Wayne is the best for what he do. He is a great Person in Europe. The Video i dont seen before!

    Thanks a lot!

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