VIDEO: Alice Russell – Crazy

I haven’t heard from the talented Alice Russell in a minute but I’m glad to see that not only that she’s dropping these rather amazing videos, but she’s also performing in San Francisco on August 13th and 14th with my homies The Park.

As many of y’all know, before there was Amy, Adele or any other blue-eyed UK soul queen, there was Alice. Her 2004 album Under the Munka Moon is still one of the best R&B efforts of the decade. I don’t know much context about the videos below, but it’s beautifully shot and the singing is kinda nice too. Scratch that. She kills it. Don’t sleep.  Check it. (via the homie JCrillz at Hip-Hop Is Cool Again)

[vimeo 12790529 nolink]

Also, two tracks from her new album Pot of Gold. Mirror Miror and Let There Be Loving.

[vimeo 12791141 nolink]

[vimeo 12791148 nolink]