UK Tings: Tanya Auclair – Thrum

<a href="">Closer by Tanya Auclair</a>

I love how it seems like a certain segment of the musical population is going back to the element of percussion. And I’m glad. Let’s face it, the drum is the core element of music, and I applaud musicians like TuneYards and Wildbirds and Peacedrums for bringing into the forefront of the sets.

Enter London’s Tanya Auclair. Her FREE EP Thrum thrives on simplicity, letting the percussion reverberate through ever track. It’s a stripped down sound that brings her lovely voice to the forefront in every way. It’s a act only dedicated musicians fear to take, and she powers through this EP confidently, creating a mood which permiates through every track on the project.

I can’t say that there is anything wrong with this EP at all. Please download and see for yourself. (via Put Me On It)