Song 2 Peep: “Paint the Roses” – Teresajenee

So my homeboy and fellow alt music lover  from St. Louis has literally been raving about a girl name Teresajenee (Teresa Jenee) for like hella months.  In fact his exact words to me were “dude, she’s the best thing out of the Lou since barbecue”. Mighty bold statement – but after listening to this new track of hers that he sent me, I have to admit she’s pretty damn dope and I am now officially a fan.

“Paint the Roses” is a beautiful elctro/soul ballad excellently produced by fellow St Louisan, Tech Supreme. I’m am completely in love with this song due Teresajenee’s voice, which is so pure and so soothing and her lyrics which are perfectly arranged and relatable to probably every girl I know (myself included). Not to mention, “Paint the Roses Red” is also a song/scene from one my favorite childhood movies, Alice in Wonderland.

Teresajenee dropped an EP last year called Ecklectic, which you can check out on her Bandcamp Page however, “Paint the Roses” is so far just a single floating around the net. Hopefully there’s a new full length in the making. Peep it below.

[audio:|titles=TeresaJenee-Paint The Roses ]