Single Review: Trek Life-As the World Turns

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Trek Life’s latest CD, Everything Changed Nothing, was released digitally July 27th. On August 10th the California-based rapper will release the physical version of the same CD and his second single, “As the World Turns,” marks this event.

On “As the World Turns” the DMV producer Oddisee supplies Trek Life with a futuristic beat that is comprised of ethereal instruments, hard snares, and synths that continuously fade in and out. Oddisee’s work on this track is top-notch and Trek Life KO’s this track with his strong delivery, quick cadence, and thoughtful lyrics. Trek uses “As the World Turns” to declare his aspirations as an emcee, “My intention is to raise the status quo of this rap shit // bring it back to the street origin that brought it to fruition // I’m a long distance from where I’m headed, but well equipped for the journey…”

On a song that is great in all of its other facets, it seems as if Oddisee and Trek Life got lazy with the chorus that is reminiscent of those found on Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. This could be an intentional homage to a fellow left-coaster but either way, the chorus brings an otherwise exceptional track down a notch.

“As the World Turns” is a clear example of Trek Life’s potential to be a purveyor of quality music for year to come.