Remy Shand is Back? New Track?

Remy ShandA Day In The Shade (WARNING, bad audio)
[audio:|titles=a day in the shade edit]

It’s been a week for comebacks! First Jamiroquai, now Remy Shand.

If you don’t know, Remy was the Canadian crooner who signed to Motown in 2001 and dropped the beautiful album The Way I Feel. Even though the album wasn’t a true it it was enough to go Gold in the United States and bag him a few Juno awards in his native country.

Keep in mind this was the pre-blue eyed soul era, and Shand’s delectable tracks (recorded in his bedroom) were some of the best soul tracks of the decade gaining praise and critical acclaim from all over the world.

Then he disappeared.

Our 2006 post, titled What Ever Happened to Remy Shand? shed light on what was happening behind the scenes. It seems like depression and a very nasty divorce (commenters even emailed me court documents!) got the best of Shand and he went into seclusion for almost a decade.

However it seems like Shand is back in the mix playing something called Laheyfest in Toronto August 28th and 29th with Broken Social Scene. I’ve never heard of this festival and Google searches aren’t bringing anything up so I can’t confirm. And the Broken Social Scene is in St Louis that weekend so something is not right with this. I’ll do more investigating. Don’t get your hopes up!

Until then, we have this snippet of a track called “A Day In the Shade.” The audio sounds terrible but it’s all we have for now.

And Remy, if you’re reading this, PLEASE hit me up at stone [at] the (via Ray in the comments. Thanks for the heads up!)