Remy Shand is Back? New Track?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Remy ShandA Day In The Shade (WARNING, bad audio)

It’s been a week for comebacks! First Jamiroquai, now Remy Shand.

If you don’t know, Remy was the Canadian crooner who signed to Motown in 2001 and dropped the beautiful album The Way I Feel. Even though the album wasn’t a true it it was enough to go Gold in the United States and bag him a few Juno awards in his native country.

Keep in mind this was the pre-blue eyed soul era, and Shand’s delectable tracks (recorded in his bedroom) were some of the best soul tracks of the decade gaining praise and critical acclaim from all over the world.

Then he disappeared.

Our 2006 post, titled What Ever Happened to Remy Shand? shed light on what was happening behind the scenes. It seems like depression and a very nasty divorce (commenters even emailed me court documents!) got the best of Shand and he went into seclusion for almost a decade.

However it seems like Shand is back in the mix playing something called Laheyfest in Toronto August 28th and 29th with Broken Social Scene. I’ve never heard of this festival and Google searches aren’t bringing anything up so I can’t confirm. And the Broken Social Scene is in St Louis that weekend so something is not right with this. I’ll do more investigating. Don’t get your hopes up!

Until then, we have this snippet of a track called “A Day In the Shade.” The audio sounds terrible but it’s all we have for now.

And Remy, if you’re reading this, PLEASE hit me up at stone [at] the (via Ray in the comments. Thanks for the heads up!)

  • @StellasKid

    Yeah, Remy might have been ahead of his time with that first album….

    • Cam

      Remy could spit out 20 platinum tracks in his sleep tonite and then disappear for another 10 years. it just sucks for us TRUE fans whether er are in the US or Canada or wherever 10 years is a long time to be on the edge of our seats waiting for a sequel C”mon bro, shake off all the bs and please share your talent once more as soon as possible. Much love Mr.Shand


  • Curious

    “Day in the Shade” is one bad ass track for real. I think this is the first time I’ve found it on the net anywhere. I got it off long ago but I couldn’t convert it to MP3 as it was locked. This would have been a great follow-up single for a new album.

    • Carolyn


  • Rene Stewart

    I want Remy to comeback. he is a talented artist…shake it off Remey. We need you

  • Carolyn

    Good lord!! That is a sexy song!! I adored his music and I hope he has the strength to pull threw this depression. God gave him an amazing talent and he should share his gift. ( selfish it seems ! But true!) I never write on these posts but this time it was worth it! Remy if your reading these comments. Please remember who you are and you are more then what you have become! God bless you and the lion king movie for that quote!! Lol.

  • Blizzard

    When a friend of mine hit me with this news I nearly dropped off the chair. To me this is as big as Sade putting out a new record after ten years.

    Shand has been a true inspiration for fans and musicians alike here in Finland, with an example of the artist called Tuomo.

    It’s absolutely heart-warming to have Remy back!

  • LaToya M.

    OMG!!!! I was just wondering what happen to him. He was very talented. I love his voice. I pray that God pulls him out of that depression and come back to us. He has an awesome voice he can actually sing compared to some these r&b singers today. Please come back Remy. I’m listening to The Way I Feel right now.

  • observant

    It’s like hes fallen off the face of the planet, saddens me that he came so close to releasing another great record, there’s no reason for him to stop. The record label must have intervined and stopped the record from coming out. I read other educated guesses but nothing realy solid. I read on wiki that on march 2010 he was ready to bust out with new material it read like, and he revealed this at a music festival, but then that information disapeared. I feel for Remy Shand fans at this moment. Thought I’de get that off my shoulders and that oddly surprising info from wiki that went as soon as it came.

  • Michael

    lol “Day in the Shade” has been floating around for the last several years now. Nothing new. We still await.

  • SGM

    This track may have totally awful audio, but you still hear the talent seeping out of him.

    Remy if you see this please kno:

    I became aware of you and your music late on night on B.E.T. Soul and I just fell. Your voice and talents are gifts to be cherished and beheld. I know what it is like to be depressed; clinical depression ain’t cute. So Remy, please get help.

  • Edgar Antão

    Agreed! One of the best soul artist, even without appearing. i hope he’ll return!

  • John

    I was also obsessed with “The Way I Feel”. And this new track is awesome. Can’t wait to hear more from Remy!

  • Mimi

    This is one of the best albums I have ever owned, and that is saying a lot. He is soooo talented. I have been waiting like everyone else for him to come back, there is really a void with out him. I do hope he reads these messages because he should know how he moves people with his musical work. His new track sounds dope! I am eagerly awaiting his next release.

  • solesurvivor

    Now is the hour for a comeback. Remy you’ve got some serious fans waiting on you.

  • Bishop

    Living Legend. (PERIOD)

  • Joyfulday123100

    Please come back Remy! i am sitting and grooving to his 1st album now and just wondering WHY TALENTED musicians and singers like Remy don’t get BLOWN up like these other Junk-makers…like Bieber! (sorry if i stepped on anyone’s feelings,but PAH-LEAAASE!!!). I just Love REMY and others like him, like Vivian Green, Heather Headley, Jon B.! (still waiting on my baby to come back! – He actually set the trail ablaze for Remy and Robin to follow…) Keeping my fingers crossed for a new Remy Shand album!

  • Camilio

    Poland is waiting for You and your music Remy!!!

  • friend

    Remy is working on his album, don’t fret he will be back.

    • Michel Hamel

      is it true,is he working on a new album? if yes it
      is a wonderful a regular bases i am searching in the net for news of Remy.

  • Genevieve

    I got ‘The Way I Feel’ playing now … I need another album from this cat!!!

  • Susan Wittmann

    ich liebe seine Musik und werde sie immer lieben….und ihn hiermit bitten weiter musik zu machen…er ist ein Künstler und berührt die Seele…bitte komm zurück.
    ?-licher Gruß aus Deutschland
    die Sus@n

  • Susan Wittmann

    ich liebe seine Musik und werde sie immer lieben….und ihn hiermit bitten weiter musik zu machen…er ist ein Künstler und berührt die Seele…bitte komm zurück.
    ?-licher Gruß aus Deutschland
    die Sus@n

  • Shani J

    I broke out my cd this week and began to wonder where Remy Shand is. My searching led me to this page where other people seem to wonder the same. I can only hope that he acknowledges the pleads of us who desperately want him and his talent back on the scene. With his complete disappearance from the public eye he has literally become a legend.

  • Anna

    Remy, please come back. We will heal you and you will heal us.

  • Robert R Weil

    We dug “The Way I Feel” and we’re ready for more! Looking forward to some new sounds, Remy–thanks again!

  • Lacey Prewitt

    Remy (Rock Steady, my all time favorite) come on back and give us more or your beautiful music. We are all waiting.

  • Blaszko

    I’m french from Normandy,
    Remy, please come back… And makes music,
    You’re a very good artist !!!
    We are with you

  • Brett Weir

    I have listened to this song a lot even though it is corrupted. I’ve not heard anything this good since Marvin Gaye. I hope this guy makes it back. We need more music like this.

  • Gerard

    This post is to let Remy know that his music is sorely missed by many… I have been on here for almost a decade solid looking for some glimmer of hope that he will pop his head up and let people who truly are his fans know that he is ok or not… I wouldn’t want to admit this but I will. When times are hard I don’t want to show my face but it’s time to break with tradition and lean on those who truly care about us… for you it is the ones you love and your fans. I make this promise to you Remy. I will do everything in my power to see to it that you see people (total strangers who were touched by your music) everywhere care about where you are and how you are doing because you took the time to deliver them strong, heartfelt music that still sets the tone for the day. We truly miss you Remy and if you find this hit me up. Anything you need I will help you get. God speed Remy.


  • Nick F

    Remy, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that your music means the world to me. Ever since the first day I saw the “Take a Message” video on VH-1 soul (by the way, what the FU*K happened to VH-1?), I was obsessed with your music. I’ve loved Soul Music ever since I was a teenager, but I’ve yet to hear someone as soulful as you. “The Way I Feel” is an album I cherish and try to pass along to other Soul Music lovers such as myself. I truly do hope that you bless us with more of that goodness from your soul, but if you don’t, please know that all of us here (I think I can speak for all of us) value your music more than you can possibly ever know. God Bless.

  • VeggieFitness.Com

    ‘A Day In The Shade’ was released in 2003-2004 while he was still signed to MoTown. I too have been trying to track Remy Shand down. His debut album ‘The Way I Feel’ is one of the best soul records in decades. I still listen to it all the time and hope one day we will be blessed with more of his genius. Thanks for this post and looking out for good tunes. Jamiroquai rocks too ;)

  • JRodriguez1981

    I was impressed with Remy Shand’s 2002 debut album The Way I Feel. If you love D’Angelo, Maxwell, Jill Scott, Eric Benét, Glenn Lewis, Erykah Badu and Musiq Soulchild, by Remy Shand’s debut album The Way I Feel for $9.99 or at least purchase his adult R&B radio smash hit and debut single Take A Message for 99 cents. Now “Take A Message” had heavy airplay on adult R&B stations such as KJLH Los Angeles which is where I remember hearing this infectious groove back in late 2001/early 2002. I’m a 30 year old hispanic male with 2 kids(7 years old and 11 years old) and I love neo soul.


      Hispanic 30yr old lady music lover here also, prob one of the most beloved music for me also is neo soul…love love love it…i literally stumbled on remy’s album and music since you didn’t hear it very much in Dallas for some reason but I’m so glad that i found his album and cherise it. My kids are going to have a very diverse music background!

  • Donna

    Remy is my cousin, although we haven’t really connected I know he’s been through a rough time with his mom’s passing.  He’s a very private person who keeps to himself

    • Benjamin_gagnon

      He’s he still doing music ? I listen to his CD with my girl in hospital (while giving her a bath) and she seems to like his sound. He’s a one man band. Hope we’ll hear from him soon. The music is missing him !

    • Seabrol58

      Good to know.  I respect his privacy.  I hope for the day when he is ready to drop his next CD down.  In the mean time my thoughts and prayers are with him.

    • Lrw777

      Donna PLEASE let Remy know he still has a loyal fan base that supports him. I wish him nothing but the best. God bless you, Remy & the rest of your family.

  • LilDetroitMama

    Please come back Remy! So many of us find so much joy and love in your music, and can’t wait to have a new album to wear out.

  • Debikopher

    I got his first CD in 2000.  Thanks daytime TV.  When I  play his music for other people, they are hooked too!!  I get lost in the music. Thank You.     Debbie

  • Mickiczik

    My CD of Remy Shand is practically worn out. I just let it play over & over again, never tiring of hearing it. I too, have waited for something, anything new from him. “A Day in the Shade” is eerily beautiful. We all can still hope to hear from Remy Shand in the future.

  • Felicia Holmes

    I know life stinks Remy, we’re all hurting, feeling disappointed, and hopeless but the soul of your music touches the sole of many…you have something we need, please come back to your fans… we love u and need you music to keep it movin!

  • mrs carey

    Reeemyyy Where are ya brotha??

  • Luv my Juju™

    He’s missed. I played his cd so much I think my kids hid it at one point. Very talented. He’s in my prayers.

  • Donald A. Tucker

    I pray that all is well with you. The music you gave to us was really good quality stuff. The musical gift that you were given is a rarity, and is so sorely missed. Please come back to the people who dearly miss you. You’re not just missed, but sorely needed in a music industry that has lost direction. Please come back to us my friend, we need you. Peace be with you.

  • KateintheDesert

    I hope that Remy Shand will not let the pain in his life get the better of him. He is a great musician and has the support of many people if he allows them into his life. Music can heal and lift you out of the pain of life. Your fans are waiting for you Remy

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