New Music: VEGAS = KIL – The Grey-Area

<a href="">Introverse by VEGAS</a>

A soulful Philly beatmaster + a Brooklyn-born (but Queensbridge influenced) emcee = The Grey-Area.

Kil produced the entire album and Vegas laced it. Kil’s beats gave me a 9th Wonder feel, and at times the music outshined the lyrics, but with only one collabo on the entire album, Vegas held his own.

Vegas isn’t a rookie to the hip hop game. He started rhyming in 1994 with his cousin Ill Will and their crew in Queensbridge. In the ‘Introverse’ Vegas describes himself as “a little bit of underground, a little bit of commercial, somewhere in the grey area…” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Kil has collaborated with a variety of artists & musicians – Osei Morland, Sean “Mocha” Banks, Khalil Byrd and M.O.P. name a few.  Working with this producer, Vegas got the whole package – DJ, writer and beatmaker.  And it worked well.

Track 2 “Here And Now” Vegas recounts his past and how he arrived at where he is today. Backed by a horn-heavy track on “Human (I’m Only)”, Vegas unapologetically admits his shortcomings like only a street poet can. “Don’t Let Me Down” is by far my favorite track on the project. Vegas takes us through his sorrow over his cousin’s death and addresses his less than perfect father, as well as himself – you can feel his pain and ambitious hustle in the track. On “Finale” Vegas raps “preparation is everything, karma is life…” and when the music breaks, he flows and the spoken word feel moved me.

If The Grey-Area is an indicator of his karma, there should be great things coming for this talented emcee.

You can download the project HERE on his page and follow Vegas & Kil on Twitter.