New Music: Tamar-kali “Hardcore Soul” Goddess Returns

<a href="">pearl by Tamar-kali</a>

Tamar-kali brings us the Black Bottom LP with intensity, grit and love.  Her resume boasts of a long list of musical contributions from Outkast to Fishbone. In 2005, she released her solo EP, Geechee Goddess Hardcore Warrior Soul, yet many may remember her from James Spooner’s Afro-Punk documentary.

Navigating the world can be a real chore and Tamar-kali’s lyrics capture how frustrating that navigation can be. Her first single, off of Black Bottom, “Pearl” addresses some of the dilemmas that come with being a woman, living in the city and dealing with relationships.

What is freedom? What is love?

Always some string attached some fucking catch

Can’t deal in dealing with no integrity

This album is strong on emotion which creates a passionate project from beginning to end. Tamar-kali lyrically tells not only of love lost and found but revolution.

These warrior bones ache for revolution

but the people ain’t ready

These pathetic souls[ jump] for revelation

but there’s no message just silence

Her music is the ultimately the reflection of the Hindu Goddess Kali, who is looked at as the ferocious mother, protective and nurturing yet the packaging is aggressive and can put fear into you just like a mama. After listening to Black Bottom your energy will certainly be roused. The final track Pearl (Psychochamber Version) is equip with a string orchestra and background vocals for a eerily dramatic rendition. The album is a solid music contribution and will definitely be rocked in house frequently!

Tracks that stand out for this writer are:


“…Run Home”

“Warrior Bones”


Go get it! Here is the link.