New Music: Haziq – Freedom/Hustla

by Winston "Stone" Ford

DC has finally been getting recognition in the hip-hop game lately thanks to such names as Wale, Phil Ade, and Tabi Bonney. But there is a new class of cats who are ready to take to torch for 2011.

Take Haziq aLi, who flips the game on its end with his leisurely and dare I say groundbreaking style. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but with rappers being a dime a dozen these days Haziq’s flow most definitely sets him apart from the mainstream.

The video for Freedom was shot in Puerto Rico by Tabi’s Cool Kids Forever FIlms while Hussla was shot back in DC. What do y’all think?

YouTube Preview Image
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  • LuvvaLover21

    FINALLY!! Something that can be played on the radio that won’t make my ears bleed lol Nice voice & video, I want to hear more from him!!

  • zfresh2000

    This is the worst rap song i have ever heard. my little sister could have written a poem that has a better rhyme scheme than this.

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