Music: Vijay Iyer Trio – Galang (MIA Jazz Cover)

MIA’s Galang was meant for jazz.

When you think about it, the mashed up rhythms of that track remind me a lot of the imporivsation that is the basis of jazz music.

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this, as I stumbled upon this very interesting cover from New York pianist Vijay Iyer. The track is from his 2009 Historicity which completely flew under my radar (but not anymore), and also includes covers of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature and Ronnie Foster’s Mystic Brew (um, Electric Relaxation anyone?).

Found this track thanks to Wayne Marshall, who did a mashup of Vijay’s Galang cover with MIA’s original.

[youtube pOBhrnOzwXw nolink]

The original, for comparison:

[vimeo 6907915 nolink]