MIXTAPE: Zarinah presents Dope Becomes Her

From the gritty, underground mixtape, “Dope Becomes Her,” Philly MC, Zarinah, or Goldie Jawn as she is also known, throws down some mighty lyrical talent, one of many for the singer, dancer and actress.

Mixed by Mr Sonny James, aka DJ Statik of the Illvibe Collective, and featuring Chaundon, Joe Scudda, Sunmoon and DJ Jay Ski, the mixtape is a decent display of Zarinah’s force and lyricism, and here’s the “but.” Somewhere in the production, somebody threw in all the bells and whistles, turning some decent drum beats and scratches into an over-processed, messy and sometimes cartoony distraction.

Despite the beats, perhaps a little too much chorus repetition, and way too much talking by everybody other than Zarinah, the mixtape is not without some shining moments, including Untrue, ft. Chaundon, Dangerous and D.O.A. remix.

I look forward to hearing more from the talented fem MC, I only hope that next time the beats aren’t so restless.