Mix CD review: Brackles- Songs for Endless Cities

Brackles- Blo by !K7 Records

A new mix CD by Londoner and Rinse FM DJ “Brackles” (aka Rob Kemp) will be released on August 31st and the title “Songs for Endless Cities” definitely lives up to it’s billing.  I say that because I can put this album on repeat and could listen to it endlessly while driving through a big city or while chillin’ in a club.

The album encompasses many different elements; from the hard hitting bass lines of the opening track “My Chippy” by Flying Lotus to the warm ambient mix of “Luv Dub Remix” by Cooly G, but still comes together nicely to form a cohesive mix of tracks.

“My Chippy” the intro track features a lot of electronic 80’s arcade sounds which are prevalent throughout the album.  The exclusive new content Brackles himself added to the mix, titled “Blo” features some of those sounds in the background as well.  It also has a very interesting and busy, yet subtle bass part which continuously winds itself in and out of the varying ambient chords through the track. “People’s Potential” by Floating Points seems have electronic sounds that float on water with different notes seemingly bubbling up to the surface.  A funky piano part with off-notes is added in three-fourths of the way through the track which gives it a jazzy feel.

“Over the Top”  (not the arm wrestling movie starring Sly Stallone) by Hypno is a fun, uptempo dance track which features a repetitive melody structure and some conga sounding percussion in the background.  It’s just another one of the many great tracks on this mix CD you could put on repeat and dance all night along with.

Some of the most interesting tracks were at the end of the album.  First was the twisting and turning “Dinosaur” by 2562.  There are numerous tempo changes and off beat hits that it invokes the feeling of being on a roller coaster of sound and you just have to sit back and enjoy the wild ride.  The following track continues the disjointed style with the scratch-heavy “Trilingual Dance Sexperience” by Dorian Concept.  These two may not be the best tracks to dance to because of the disjointedness, but they sure are a pleasure to listen to!

The “roller coaster” then changes to a march to complete the album with the funky-robotic sounding “Must Move” by Funkineven.  This track brings a heavy thumping, electronic NIN/Daft Punk/Robotic/80’s synth feel, but is a good way to close the album that includes so many different styles.

There are really so many good tracks on this mix CD I’d love to talk about them all but it’s really worth it to check out on August 31st on !K7/Cool in the Pool records.  Brackles has a great ear for electronic music and I eagerly await his next endeavor!

Enjoy it and keep chillin’



1.    Flying Lotus – My Chippy (WARP)

2.    Floating Points – Peoples Potential (EGLO)

3.    Zomby – Tarantula (HYPERDUB)

4.    Roska – I Need Love feat. Anesha (RINSE)

5.    Brackles – Blo (COOL IN THE POOL / !K7)

6.    Martin Kemp – No Charisma (BLUNTED ROBOTS)

7.    Kyle Hall – Luv for KMFH (WILD OATS)

8.    Cooly G – Love Dub Refix (HYPERDUB)

9.    DJ Dom – Sunshowers (BLUNTED ROBOTS)

10.  DJ Mystery – Speechless feat. Natalie K (DJ MYSTERY)

11.  Hypno – Over The Top (PTN/RAMP)

12.  Rishi Romero – African Forest (MADE IN NL)

13.  Breach – Fatherless (PTN/RAMP)

14.  Deadboy – If You Want Me (NUMBERS)

15.  2562 – Dinosaur (TECTONIC)

16.  Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience (AFFINE)

17.  Funkineven – Must Move (EGLO)

Rating- 4.5/5