Michael Jackson Memories

In celebration of the Michael Jackson’s birthday, Couch Sessions writers are taking time off to reflect on their first memories of the King of Pop. Michael would’ve turned 52 this year.

My first memory of Michael Jackson goes way back to 1983 when the Thriller album was released.  I was only 7 years old at the time when I first saw the video for Billy Jean on Casey Casem’s “America’s Top 10” countdown show, but it was pretty amazing!  I remember being mystified at the sight of the sidewalk lighting up for each step that Michael took.  His dancing was spectacular and he did things I had never seen anyone do before in my “years” of experience watching music videos. Then I remember the “Thriller” video and how it was produced like a movie and as a kid that just floored me.  I would go to my friend’s house and we would sit there waiting for it to come on MTV so we could watch it again.  I feel like I have grown up with Michael Jackson’s music throughout my life and he is such an influence on artists today that we should all take a minute and listen to his music on his birthday this weekend and enjoy his awesome talents.