Michael Jackson: A Fashion Icon

My memories of MJ are as fond as the next fans. His music was magical, even to the ears of a child. It spoke to all races and cultures. And when he died; for just a brief moment it felt as though the whole world came to a simultaneous stop to mourn a man who had touched the lives of so many – simply through his music.

But what propelled my fascination with the superstar even further was his ability to look and dress the part to such a supreme perfection. The  floods, the studded jackets, the glasses, the the sparkly socks, the glove, the band-aids on the fingers, the cast, the hair, the masks and eventually… the face. All of it gave him this bigger than life persona which ultimately made him the most successful self marketing guru in the entertainment industry.He was not only a music icon, but a fashion icon as well. And although I don’t need to say it, I’ll say it anyway. There will NEVER be another one like him in our lifetime.

Rest in peace Michael.