Jamiroquai is Officially Back on the Scene

Jamiroquai has a new album dropping –not sure if you heard me, so let me repeat that one more time; JAMIROQUAI HAS A NEW ALBUM DROPPING!!! Okay, now that I’ve gathered my composure I will divulge more info.

It’s been 5 years since the release of “Dynamite”, since then they have picked up new members, changed record labels –left Columbia/Sony Records for Mercury Records.  The group’s official website cites ‘Rock Dust Light Star’ is slated to be released in November 2010.

The purveyors of electro/dance/funk are boasting a new sound, “Everything on the record is live. It’s a real band record.  The last album – fantastic – but the whole thing became a little sterile. This time we’ve captured the flow of our live performances”, says Jay Kay.

The infectious teaser single ‘White Knuckle Ride’, a quintessential electrofunk jam, available only on extremely limited edition vinyl prior to the album. My fellow Vinylheads  please keep an eye out for that!!!!