In the Mix: Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic (by DJ Jeremy Sole)

Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic (by Jeremy Sole) by Tru Thoughts

Ever true to his moniker, British producer Quantic has proven to be a man of many variables, and somehow those variables all come together as a comprehensive unit of work.  Nowhere is this fact better showcased than on the retrospective Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic, mixed by KCRW’s DJ David Sole.  It starts off with a little accordion piece, which blends into some cumbia from Quantic’s latest release, Dog With A Rope.  From there, the sounds range from cinematic dub to 60’s soul, jazzy drum breaks, hip-hop, broken beat and Afrobeat, just to name a few. There are a few interviews woven throughout the mix, and Alice Russell’s voice sneaks in here and there to remind us that her presence has been a big part of Quantic’s overall sound and success.  Her version of Nina Simone’s “Feelin’ Good” is beautifully crafted and highlights Quantic’s versatility and good taste as a producer.  He has recorded under many different reincarnations for the Tru Thoughts label, but ultimately, it’s all Quantic.  DJ Sole does an excellent job of summing up Quantic’s prolific career in a mere 44 minutes.  This tease of a mixtape makes me want to hear more Quantic, and fortunately, I’ve got plenty of his “choons” in my collection.

Purchase Quantic’s Dog With A Rope on iTunes.